My Parisian Experience

As a nurse in the UK, travelling to Europe is a sure fire bonus.

Paris is such a wonderful and romantic city, it is indeed the city of lights, and I believe it is so much much more.

I guess you’re here to find out how Paris is, or maybe you’re just bored, or maybe you are looking for information how to apply for visa, well that’s if you’re not from the EU.

Okay, well this post will be brief as I am just writing this to practice my blogging haha. I am a newbie so bear with me.

Let me narrate my  Paris story.

So, initially, I wanted to travel solo to Paris on my birthday, that is on my 24th birthday in October 12, 2016. But my friends wanted to come with me which is even a better idea, so we applied the visa beforehand.img_7496So these are my co Filipino friends who went with me in Paris!

Don’t tell them but these guys are crazy haha!

So, we went to the visa process which is straightforward, you just basically go to this site.

That is the TLS contact and in that site you will find all the requirements. Prepare 70 pounds and you’re good to go! They gave me 6 months Schengen access visa which means i can travel in any Schengen country. After Paris we travelled to Prague in Czech Republic, which will come in a separate post. And soon, I’ll be solo travelling to Italy. (Yeah baby!)

Moving on, we went to Paris, rode in a Eurostar to the city center and we arrived in the train station.


Look at the architecture in Paris, notice how sunny it was, we were really blessed to have great weather when we arrived. Paris is lovely. London has crap weather but otherwise lovely too! Lol.


We then went to our booked bnb. It was my friend who booked our accommodation and it was so amazing, cheap and close to the city center, I definitely recommend that place. You can cook and is close to a Lidl shop in Paris which makes your trip a little less expensive.img_6588IMG_6546.JPG

Just be careful with cooking, on a morning in Paris I was cooking an omelette and burnt oil in the burner which eventually activated the fire alarm.. IN PARIS!!! Oh my gosh I will never ever ever cook with too much oil in the burner next time or maybe an omelette perhaps? Lol.

Well, the rest is just marvelous, we went to the Louvre, but didn’t manage to see Mona Lisa. I will pay a date with her next time I come back ‘coz I sure am. Went to the iconic Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge and Sacre Coure, and Versailles of course! Let the pictures tell how lovely Paris, France is! Enjoy!

Let me know if you pay Paris a visit, and tell me how did you find your Parisian experience, would love to hear from you. Merci!



One thought on “My Parisian Experience

  1. I enjoyed reading your post and looking at your pictures. Puts me back in the Paris mood.
    I have been many times to Paris and I adore this city.

    And since you asked – I wrote about my experience as well. You are more than welcome to check it out on, check under “destinations” for Paris.

    Thanks for sharing.


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